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Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy. I would like to extend my deep thanks for visiting our website. As a Dean, I am honored and privileged to serve the needs of our dedicated students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni. Pharmacists always make a difference by providing utmost care and effort for patients and their families in communities across the world. The expected growth in the pharmacy industry indicates that various pharmaceutical career opportunities will be available in the near future, ranging from research industry and development to hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy and a wide array of other opportunities. It is due time to reflect on a career in pharmacy and I am pleased that you are considering the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Future University

We are dedicated to reaching excellence in education, research, and community involvement. As you navigate through our website, you will notice few unique features about our program that have created an encouraging learning environment for students and have built a tradition of excellence for our students.

Nationally, the faculty has been accredited by NAQAEE since 2016.

Our faculty incorporated a patient-oriented model into our didactic and experiential curricula. In addition, we are continuously generating new learning methods to maximize student learning and to provide a graduate who is ready for market practice and for the dynamic and transforming pharmacy profession.

Our faculty team is highly professional, who continuously conducts research in both pharmaceutical and clinical sciences.

Moreover, our faculty extends international collaboration with University College Cork, St. John Fischer College and Kumamoto University. Our faculty has also long-term relationships with national medical and industrial facilities which will provide our students with the opportunity to practice their skills in real-life environments under the supervision of experienced professionals.

If you are the "make a difference" person who is keen to expand the many options of our role as pharmacists, researchers and clinicians, then, you are exactly in the right place.


Prof. Dr. Hanan Refaat
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy has adopted unconventional methods to develop the system of academic research in order to meet the needs of society development. Thus, our faculty offers master's programs in the fields of Pharmaceutical sciences (M.Sc.).

This booklet is intended to be a useful source of information on many aspects of the offered postgraduate programs. It also provides answers to most of the questions that may arise during the course of study.

Specifications of prequalification courses and curricula of faculty M.Sc degree are presented in details together with specified credit hours for each course and means of student evaluation.

Every attempt is made to make the information in this book accurate and to provide a good guide for postgraduate students before registration in a specific program as well as during the course of their study.

Prof. Dr. Azza Ahmed
Vice Dean for Postgraduate & Research Affairs

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Future University In Egypt (FUE) Earn a Masters by Research (MSc) at UCC

Recent graduates from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Future University of Egypt applying for a Masters by Research program in the School of Pharmacy at UCC will be able to avail of the EU fee rate. A Masters by Research degree is a supervised research program that lasts for a minimum of one year (full-time). Students must undertake research equivalent to 90 ECTS credits, and they must then submit a thesis that will be reviewed by both internal and external examiners.

Future University In Egypt (FUE) Three staff members from Faculty of Pharmacy Future University in Egypt were among the Stanford University study of the best 2% of scientists worldwide for 2021

A study conducted by Stanford University released a list of the top 2% of the world's scientists, which includes all scientists who are among the top 100,000 across all fields from 149 countries.

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