Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Cancellation of Registration

The Faculty Board is allowed to cancel registration for M. Sc. programs in the following circumstances: 

  • Upon student's request and in compliance. 
  • Student's failure in accomplishing the course-work examinations (CGPA below 2.00). 
  • Student's non-attendance or unsatisfactory progress in research work being reported by the advisors to the Departmental Board and forwarded to the PSRA Committee for approval of cancellation. 

News & Events

Future University In Egypt (FUE) Earn a Masters by Research (MSc) at UCC

Recent graduates from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Future University of Egypt applying for a Masters by Research program in the School of Pharmacy at UCC will be able to avail of the EU fee rate. A Masters by Research degree is a supervised research program that lasts for a minimum of one year (full-time). Students must undertake research equivalent to 90 ECTS credits, and they must then submit a thesis that will be reviewed by both internal and external examiners.

Future University In Egypt (FUE) Three staff members from Faculty of Pharmacy Future University in Egypt were among the Stanford University study of the best 2% of scientists worldwide for 2021

A study conducted by Stanford University released a list of the top 2% of the world's scientists, which includes all scientists who are among the top 100,000 across all fields from 149 countries.

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